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Hosting Open Houses


Your REALTOR® (Broker) may recommend an open house as a marketing strategy. There are two types:

The First Type is a brokers open house, also is known as Caravan, where sales representatives from the listing companies will be invited to view your house. If you have signed an MLS® agreement, other REALTORS® (Broker) may also be invited. Remember, each of these REALTORS® (Broker) may have a prospective buyer.


The Second Type of open house is a public open house, where members of the public are invited to walk through your home and have a look. It's an efficient way to show your home to many potential buyers at once. The listing broker will act as host, answering any questions. You and your listing broker will pick the time and date for an open house. In order to give the agent access to your home, you may wish to keep a key at his or her office, or in a lockbox. It's also a good idea to ensure that any valuables are put away in a safe location, then leave while the open house is underway. If you do stay, be sure to keep out of the way, and turn off any TVs or radios to let the broker and the buyer talk in peace. Needless to say, clean counts with open houses. A general rule is that clean, uncluttered and well-lit spaces look larger and more attractive. People will naturally want to buy a house that is clean and well cared for.

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