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Best and Worst Projects to DIY

DIY home projects can lead to big savings — but it’s better to leave some tasks to the pros. Here are some of the best and worst projects to tackle yourself.

Best DIYs:

 Painting. Interior painting is manageable for many people with patience and the right supplies.

 Replacing simple fixtures. Light fixtures, shower heads, and doorknobs are often simple to swap out.

 Installing smart gadgets. Wireless doorbells, locks, and more often come with easy-to-follow instructions.

Worst DIYs:

 Electrical work. The risk of fire from faulty wiring far outweighs any cost savings.

 Adding a bath or shower. Leaks from poor plumbing can seriously damage your home.

 Installing carpet or flooring. You might end up with an uneven floor or gaps that let in drafts and moisture.

Need some help with your home projects? Reach out for referrals to professionals in our network.

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