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2022 Home Design Trends

Planning to list your home? Think about how it stacks up to today’s trends.

According to Houzz, these design trends are currently dominating user searches:

Outdoor oases: Creative landscaping and relaxation areas like decks with hot tubs turn a home into a haven.

Elevated front doors: Today’s buyers want their homes to stand out. Funky door handles, iron doors, and bright hues are all in vogue.

Standout lighting: No one wants to be left in the dark! Brighten things up with statement chandeliers, stylish pendants, and functional task lighting.

Thinking about making some changes to increase your home’s value? We can help you determine which home improvements will pack the biggest punch. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

>>> Laurie Fearon: 514-575-7984 (Shapoor Hoghooghi: 514-295-8787)

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